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What is MLT Plus?

MLT Plus allows experienced quant researchers and trading teams to connect their strategies to large pools of institutional capital without going through painful account onboarding processes and allows them the benefit of best exchange fees and rate limits. Quantitative researchers who are currently running their strategies on supported exchanges can connect to MLT Plus in a plug and play fashion. The process is seamless with virtually no integration time.
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MLT Plus Benefits to Quantitative Researchers

MLT Plus Benefits to Quantitative Researchers

  • Access to large amounts of capital
  • Integrate in no time - simply switch the supported exchange API endpoint with the corresponding MLT Plus API endpoint
  • Benefit from preferential trading fees
  • Obtain improved exchange rate limits
  • Receive support from ML Tech’s experienced team of Quantitative Traders and Researchers
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You have a profitable trading strategy on one of the supported MLT Plus exchanges. Your strategy interacts with the exchange directly through the exchange API.

quant trading ml tech

Integration Instructions

Update your strategy to send private HTTP requests to one of MLT Plus endpoints instead of the exchange endpoints. For instance https://api.binance.com needs to be replaced with https://binance-xxxx.mltech.ai

Exchanges Supported on MLT Plus

  • Binance
  • Binance Futures
  • FTX
  • Deribit
  • OKX
  • Binance.US (Coming Soon)
  • Huobi (Coming Soon)

Endpoints List

  • Binance (Spot) https://binance-xxxx.mltech.ai
  • Binance Futures (USDT margined) https://binance-xxxx.mltech.ai
  • Binance Futures (COIN margined) https://binance-xxxx.mltech.ai